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(Feb 14 2021) Version 1.04 is now available. It secures the regular expression checking the email address.

Previous news
(Jan 12 2000) Version 1.03
This version features saving of groups in a cookie on the sample webpage, much more forgiving parsing of configuration files and the translation of the little remaining german language in the source.

(November 1998) Version 1.01
The first public release of notify is now available. The package has been used internally for a couple of month now without problems. It's distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

About notify

From the README:

   What is notify?
   Notify is a software package that allows you to notify the visitors of
   your website by email if there are changed pages. 
   Users can register themselves for groups of webpages they are interested 
   in. The groups are defined by you, the webmaster.


Notify is written in perl 5.x. It also requires sendmail (the qmail wrapper works fine) and a cgi-capable webserver.


notify-1.04.tar.gz [16k] (latest)

Notification of updates

Here you can register yourself to be notified when there are changes in the selected group(s).
This is - of course - realized using notify (c:

EMail address for the notification emails:

Topics you are interested in:

If you chose NO topics, your email address will be removed. If you already registered earlier, your new choice will 'overwrite' the old one - topics are NOT accumulated.


Bug reports and comments are welcome.

Sven Neuhaus <>
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