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Welcome to the Realm Abilities Configurator for Mythic Entertainment™'s MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot™.
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So, what's this all about?
On April 23rd 2002, Mythic announced a Realm Ability system on their news site, The Camelot Herald. They published a master list with large tables of all abilities, their levels, descriptions and the classes that can train them. If you are not familiar with realm rank and levels, read this short description. To figure out how many points you can spend, read this Clarification on Realm Abilities. The configurator presents the data from the master list in a more user friendly, interactive way.
Disclaimer: Check with the master list before you spend your points! Things change. I take no responsibility for errors and omission in my tool (but I would like to hear about them).

The configurator is a complex web page that uses some of the latest available browser technology standards, such as CSS2, DOM1, XHTML 1.1 and ECMAScript Edition 3 (JavaScript 1.5). You need a somewhat recent web browser that supports these standards. Proprietary plugins are not required. Browsers that should work are: Browsers that are known not to work: Netscape 4.x (aka Mozilla 4.x), MS IE ≤ 5.0x (crash), Konqueror ≤ 3.0.1 (crash), Opera 6 (no DOM1 support), Amaya (no JavaScript support). Your browser claims to be "".
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